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European Film Academy Starts Heritage Department 

The European Film Academy is broadening its scope and embracing European cinema from the classics to the contemporary to celebrate the rich and diverse film heritage of Europe. This will, of course, include the work of the honorary award recipients, such as the European Lifetime Achievement and the European Achievement in World Cinema awards, going in 2022 to Margarethe von Trotta and Elia Suleiman respectively. From this year onwards, it will also focus on special anniversaries or specific theme programmes all relating to European film.

For this, the European Film Academy has set up a new European Film Heritage department, which is led by Pascal Edelmann. As a first step, the European Film Academy has been building up a pan-European film heritage network, uniting cinematheques, film archives and institutions to share information on anniversaries of filmmakers, films, institutions, or specific themes relevant to the cinema history in the various European countries and regions. From now onwards, the European Film Academy aims to actively connect various initiatives and make them much more widely known among lovers of European cinema.

22 New Places Added to “Treasures of European Film Culture”

As one of the new department’s first activities and in light of this year’s 35th European Film Awards, the Academy adds another 22 places to the TREASURES OF EUROPEAN FILM CULTURE, increasing the total number to 35. The new places are located in 14 different countries: in Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK. The Treasures is the Academy’s list of places of a symbolic nature for European cinema, places of historical value that need to be maintained and protected not just now but also for generations to come.

Please find all 22 new treasures of European Film Cultures here.
Matthijs Wouter Knol, Director of the European Film Academy: “Instead of limiting our work to organising the European Film Awards, the European Film Academy will embrace European film history and the people who have made European film what it is today. This will result in new projects with exciting partners, but also become visible in all programming we will do throughout the year: in our work for young audiences, in our awards ceremonies, and in new services we will start offering for our members. I’m particularly proud of the growing list of Treasures of European Film Culture, especially with new locations in parts of Europe that were so far not included, such as Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Latvia and Scotland. We are keen on finding new locations every year, and are looking forward to working together with EUFCN, the European Film Commission Network.“

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About the European Film Academy
The European Film Academy seeks to support and connect its 4,400 members and celebrates and promotes their work. Its aims are to share knowledge and to educate audiences of all ages about European cinema. Positioning itself as a leading organization and facilitating crucial debates within the industry, the Academy strives to unite everyone who loves European cinema, culminating annually in the Month of European Film and the European Film Awards, by including European film heritage in its portfolio and by expanding its focus on young audiences through the European Film Club.

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